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ODI News - Top 20 LOST Fan Sites

Hey All,
I received an interesting email earlier today and the subject was here are the Top 20 LOST websites with a link. So I was curious to see what it was and much to my surprise it was indeed a LIST of 20 LOST recommended sites to visit and TheODI.com was listed at #8!!

Now, I know this is not anything official and there is nothing really official for fansites, but just to be mentioned with all of the other top LOST websites including ABC's Official Lost Page, Lostpedia, DarkUFO, and DocArzt is a huge honor...!!

Thanks to the admins of the site for including my blog on the list and more importantly I want to thank all of you out there that come back everyday for all of the information we post here. It is great to know that ONLY about 3 months of this site to get included on this list at #8 is a testament to all of you loyal LOST/ODI fans and readers.

Plus, I want to thank the members of the growing Team ODI, my good friend DarkUFO for all his support, all of our sources that provide us with news and spoilers, and our friends over at the LOST on ABC MySpace group. With out all of the support from you all this site would not be around.

Now not only did this blog make the list, but at #9 was the LOST on ABC MySpace group that I mentioned above and that I help moderate. There is a great bunch of LOST fans there so come check us out.

Also, if you don't feel that this a big deal, then well at least you can bookmark this post for easy reference to the best LOST sites.

Here is the complete list with links:

1. http://abc.go.com/primetime/lost/index?pn=index :: the official ABC site with movies, forums and videos, the theories section can drive you crazy!

2. the lostpedia at :: http://www.lostpedia.com :: is a huge wiki, holding everything you wanted to know and a good split between “official” info and theories. You can spend weeks here analyzing data

3. the tailsection at :: http://thetailsection.com/ :: has lots of news, spoilers, interviews

4. at darkufo :: http://darkufo.blogspot.com/ :: you can find again an enormous amount of theories, news, articles, rumours, answers, and so on, spend also here some weeks

5. docArtz’s LOST Blog :: http://www.docarzt.com/ :: has spoilers, news, theories, clips, forums, etc… you need another few weeks

6. LostAholics :: http://www.lostaholics.com/ :: is the site for LOST Addicts and has many interesting stuff and again an interesting community forum

7. Lost-tv-com :: http://www.lost-tv.com/ :: the first unofficial fansite, many interesting articles

8. The ODI weblog :: http://the-odi.blogspot.com/ :: always has some interesting things to add to episodes

9. The Myspace LOST Community :: http://groups.myspace.com/stilllost :: might suck you in as one of the addicts

10. The black rock :: http://www.theblackrock.org/br2/ :: has a great community, forums, mysteries and it’s great to read the reactions to the new episodes.

Source: Familie de Leau