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Latest LOST News and Spoilers

Hey All,
With the Comic Con news starting to settle down just a bit there are some new developments for our favorite show LOST...

Today it was announced that Jack Bender will be the director of the first two (2) episodes of Season 4...and trust me that is great news...!!

Who is Jack Bender you ask....??

Well he is a veteran director of LOST and has directed some of the best episodes we have seen....including Season 3's finale Through the Looking Glass...so with this announcement hopefully the beginning of Season 4 will be able to make a smooth transistion  from the Flashforward we left off with during the finale of Season 3.

Here is a list of episodes that Bender has directed:
Tabula Rasa
The Moth
Whatever the Case May Be
Man of Science, Man of Faith
Fire + Water
Maternity Leave
Live Together, Die Alone
A Tale of Two Cities
The Cost of Living
Flashes Before Your Eyes
The Man from Tallahassee
One of Us
Through the Looking Glass

The other piece of information is a minor spoiler regarding the cast....so stop reading if you DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED....


This information was first posted by a fan named Secretagentman and now has been confirmed by Ausiello form TVGuide.com...and already has been added to the S4 Spoilers Thread....

Two new recurring characters will make an appearance in the first episodes of S4...one named Russell and the other named Charlotte.....

Russell is described as a brilliant mathematician in his late thirties who is "capable of great insights and has a tremendous knowledge across various scientific fields"......Unfortunately, he tends to be too direct for his own good, and as a result, his personal relationships don't always add up.

While Charlotte will debut in Episode 2 she is a hot twentysomething who is said to be "precocious, loquacious and funny... a very successful academic who also knows how to handle herself in the real world." Interestingly, she, too, has a tough time relating to people. Beneath the surface, there's "lots of repressed and pent-up emotions."

Now the name Charlotte might sound familiar to some of you and that is because there already is a Charlotte in the LOST world....she is Richard Malkin, Claire's Psychic's daughter....but there is no word if there is a connection between the two characters....yet....