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LOST & The 59th Annual Emmy Awards

Yes this  information is about  2-3 weeks old , so this blog is waaayy overdue...

As many of you know, LOST was snubbed once again by the Emmy's and did not receive a nomination for Best Drama....the snub was not a major surprise to me, but I was still pretty disappointed as I am sure many of you die hard LOST fans were as well....

Once the nominations were handed out...my disappointment was voiced in several forums and threads, but I never got around to writing a blog about it....and to be honest I really didn't want to...

However, a loyal ODI reader did ask me why I didn't do one and when I thought about it, I realized that no matter how upset I was about the snub that the nominations that the show did receive should be reported and be honored...plus, they did get some important nominations, such as Outstanding Directing (Jack Bender), Outstanding Writing (D&C) and Best Supporting Actor (Terry O' Quinn and Michael Emerson)...

I am still a little upset about the snub for Best Drama, but I also feel that getting snubbed once again might give the Producers and the Cast a little chip on their shoulders and hopefully that will lead to even better writing and directing for Season 4...!!

.So with that....here is the list of nominations for LOST for the 59th Emmy Awards that are scheduled for September 16th...Congratulations to all of the nominees...and Good Luck...!!!

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series

Lost • ABC • ABC Studios
Terry O'Quinn as John Locke

Lost • ABC • ABC Studios
Michael Emerson as Ben

Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series

Lost • Through the Looking Glass • ABC • ABC Studios
Jack Bender, Director

Outstanding Writing For A Drama Series

Lost • Through The Looking Glass • ABC • ABC Studios
Damon Lindelof, Written by
Carlton Cuse, Written by

Outstanding Single-camera Picture Editing For A Drama Series

Lost • Through The Looking Glass • ABC • ABC Studios
Stephen Semel, Editor
Mark J. Goldman, Editor
Henk Van Eeghen, Editor
Christopher Nelson, A.C.E., Editor

Outstanding Sound Editing For A Series

Lost • A Tale Of Two Cities • ABC • ABC Studios
Thomas deGorter, Supervising Sound Editor
Paula Fairfield, M.P.S.E., Sound Editor
Carla Murray, M.P.S.E., Sound Editor
Maciek Malish, M.P.S.E., Sound Editor
Lloyd Jay Keiser, Sound Editor
Joe Schultz, Sound Editor
Geordy Sincavage, Sound Editor
Alex Levy, Music Editor
Doug Reed, Foley Artist
Cynthia Merril, Foley Artist

---Thanks to Debbi for the info---

Thanks for reading and namaste....

--The ODI --

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