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Mysteries of LOST Season 4 Promos

Hey Losties,
So most of you have seen the new LOST promos bye now...but re-watch the NEW version of the short promo here....it is the same as the previous version but in HQ video it has some minor changes.

Now did you see anything interesting in all of the quick flashes most likely not, because they are two quick. Well thanks to Sawyer840 and DarkUFO we get several very cool and interesting screencaps.

For those of you that feel analyzing these trailers is too much and reveals spoilers well stop reading now...!!

Now....WTF am I talking about...!!??

Well some of you have definitely seen what looks like a very quick flash of Jacob...are you sure....?? In the new HQ Video a screencap reveals Jack's father Christian Shepard looking like he is sitting in Jacob's chair.

Also, each and every promo seems to be revealing a very quick glimpse of the number "6". What could this number mean...!? Well some of you spoiler lovers already know what it is about but is there more to the story...!?

Also, hidden at the end of the newer promos is the signature LOST ABC logo, but NOW....if you look carefully....you will see something what looks like a city skyline (perhaps NYC?) in the reflection of the water...!? What could this represent...??

In addition to several other quick flashes where we have what seems to look like Naomi holding a knife to Kate's throat...!!?? Is Naomi our new Mikhail...??

Well here are all the caps for you too look at and please let us all know what you think...!?


Naomi Alive

The 6

Reflection of Skyline

You can find several more screen caps at the following links: