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Find 815 Reveals Connection of Maxwell Group to Widmore

Well many of us were hoping the LOST Find815.com ARG would eventually lead us to a LOST reveal and it is slowly but surely materializing. If you have been following the game, the lead character Sam Thomas, has been on a mission to Find Flight 815 because of his girl friend Sonya was on the flight. The adventure has had us follow Sam on a a little treasure hunt out into the Pacific Ocean towards the Sunda Trench.

Many of the LOSTIES playing the game feel this is where the wreckage OR at least "fake" of flight 815 will be found. Well after today's reveal showing a connection of The Maxwell Group to Widmore, there is almost no denying that Widmore and Penny's father are involved in what seems like a cover up of the crash. The question over the upcoming of Season 4 will be how deep is this cover-up.....?? Also, a big question what does all this have to do with the Black Rock??

Well how did this reveal occur you ask?? After you help Sam find his way through Talbot's Cabin (activity), a new video shows Sam finding some documents in a briefcase and one of the files found is a document about the Black Rock and you can clearly see the Maxwell Group logo, but if you look closely you will also notice a familiar name of Widmore Corporation.

Here are the screencaps.