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LOST-verse Map

Here is one of the most comprehensive global maps of LOST locations in the LOST-Verse, including locations from the show, TLE and Find815.

Thanks to Dudu for the time and effort to put this all together.

Here are the details and a screencap of the map. However, you can click on the link to view an interactive version to see all the points of interest.

* Blue Balloons With a dot are locations that appears in the show
* Blue Balloons are locations mentioned in the show
* Fire icon is Hot area, where lots of things occurs
* i icons are just info related to LOST
* Yellow icon are The Lost Experience references ( ARG )
* Green icon are Find 815 references (ARG )

Click this link for Interactive Map: LOST-Verse on Google Maps

(Click Image to Enlarge)

Source: Find815