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Vote for the New SpoilerTV Logo

Hey All,
As most of you know by now I am a member of DarkUFO's SpoilerTV team. If you did not know, well now you do and the "Movies" tab is actually a link to the movies section of SpoilerTV. I am an admin there and help out posting information for not only LOST and Movies but other hit shows like Heroes and Smallville.

Well the site is now the #1 spoiler site on the net and Dark wanted to create a new logo to use with out embedded videos. So he decided to open it up to the readers as a contest. The response was great and with in hours he had several submissions.

Well we are down to the Top 7 and there is a poll so you can help us pick your favorite logo...!! Here are the entries that made the Top 7, please pick your favorite because you will be shaping the way the net views spoilers!! The winner gets a $30 Amazon gift card.

For the purposes of the poll the entries are given a number which should be read from Left-Right, Top-Bottom as well a quick 1 line description. Thanks for you votes and feel free to leave any comments on the design in the comments section.

1) Warning:SpoilerTV Fuzz
2) Do Not Cross Spoilerline
3) Vertical Bars
4) Neon Blue
5) Spoiler TV Blue Fuzz
6) Colour Transmission Bars
7) SpoilerTV Smashed Screen

Source: DarkUFO