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Episode 4x07 Ji Yeon - I’ll Follow the Sun

Introduction: Glass Onion

The relationship between Sun and Jin Kwon has been one of the most tumultuous and heart wrenching couplings on LOST. The story of the poor Korean fisherman who marries the daughter of a rich, powerful businessman began as the classic tale of love overcoming class-boundaries, but has instead ended up taking us to some dark places in both souls. Besides Jin’s spiral downwards into a bullying, controlling strongman for his wife’s father (his employment being a condition of their marriage in the first place), we have Sun, the Island’s version of the “matryoshka doll” with her multiple, hidden transgressions.

However, the island has changed these two just as it has all of our castaways, as they were also given the opportunity to begin their lives again. Sun asks Jin back in season one, "I want to go back to the beginning…Can't we just start all over?” Indeed, we have witnessed the layers of their marriage being peeled away before us, and as their secrets and lies are brought into the light, so has the awareness of the deep love they hold for each other once again grown apparent.

Instant Karma!

In our very own island Expose’, it is Juliet who finally reveals the news of Sun’s past affair to Jin in one of the biggest “oh no she di-int!” scenes ever in LOST. It was an intense and unexpected moment, and I am sure audiences wanted a little bit more than just a brisk slap from Sun in response. (Personally, I think Sun could have at least hit her on the side already bruised from her scrap at the Tempest.)

During some much-needed guy time, a broken-hearted Jin and Bernard then go fishing and discuss the ins and outs of marriage. Well, Bernard was the one doing the discussing, but this little scene had a much larger purpose. For the first time in the show, the idea of Karma is actually mentioned, although it was simplified into more of a “good things happen to good people” concept.

In this private catharsis, or purge of the soul if you will, Jin comes to terms with the husband he used to be and realizes his own role in driving his wife into the arms of another. The time on the island has helped to restore him to the man he truly is, and in turn he forgives Sun’s infidelity and returns to her side.

It is important to note that the real concept of Karma is quite complex and has more to do with how your actions in this life affect you and how you will return in the next life. More on this in a bit...

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