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Matthew Fox Interview

Here is an interesting and cool interview with Matthew Fox who plays Jack Shepard on LOST.

It is an interview that was setup to help promote his movie Vantage Point in Germany, but the interviewer seems to be a BIG fan of LOST and was able to squeeze in a few questions about Fox's role on the show.

NOTE: This was originally posted on DarkUFO where the interviewer actually posted a comment to thank the fans for their kind comments about the interview.

Here you go:

Hi, this is the interviewer,

Thanks for the mostly kind comments. For those who thought the interview was weird, let me bring some light into this. These so-called interview-"junkets" never give you enough time to really "talk" - they (the pr people) tell you shortly before the interview, how many minutes (average: five to six, Robert de Niro only 1:45, I'm not kidding) each interviewer gets and they warn you not to ask anything but questions about the movie.

For this particular interview they gave me exactly 5 minutes and 30 seconds counting down the moment I enter the interview room. What made this interview admittedly look so different to most of my other interviews, was the fact that I was sick that morning and Matt was hun g-over because he partied till 8am, the lucky bastard!! Okay, so then you sit down and as an interviewer you start thinking, how soon can I start asking questions about something other than the movie he is promoting???

In this case my spiking fever made me talk about other stuff right away which caused the pr person in the room to make hysterical signs with her hands and eyes... however, Matt was really nice and we actually went overtime a bit, which I'm sure caused the pr person an almost heart attack because she had to reschedule the day after ONE interview. So, what I'm trying to say is this: I know that little chat looks a bit weird and is probably not my best interview, but considering that I felt and looked like shit and Matt was very tired, it came out okay.

If you check the interview I did with Dennis Quaid half an hour later, you will see that was even "weirder" because I was getting sicker by the minute. So, I hope I could explain the "weirdness" a little and if you want, you can watch other interviews I've done on youtube or myvideodotde. And for the remark that I don't care for LOST - wrong!! I am a BIG Lost fan and I am thrilled season four has me on the edge of my couch again!

Cheers from Berlin, Torgen