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Michael Emerson Interview on KROQ Radio Show

Here is the audio of the latest interview by LOST's Michael Emerson. He was on a local rock radio show called KROQ in Los Angeles and they are big fans of the show.

NOTE: This is a clip of the WHOLE radio show and it is quite long, Emerson's interview begins at the 102 minute mark. So if you want to listen to his interview, then let the clip load and then skip to that point. Also, you can read a small transcript of the interview below.

How do LOST fans react when they see you?
Fans are great, but formal with him because might be scared of him.

Do you have the best role on LOST?
One of the best roles on LOST

Do you get tired of getting dirty and beaten up?
It was nice to be a part of the FF being clean and all done up, but it is just natural wearing the "uniform" and being dirty.

Live in NYC? How is Hawaii?
Yes in NY now, Hawaii is so far from home and can be tough on everyday life. Beautiful place to be but want to go home once filming is completed.

How is working with the other cast members? Do you all bond?
Hardly see them and more than half I have never worked with, but we are still all friends and hand out.

**Locke/Ben Audio Clip from LOST**

Who is Jacob? If he Ben's Boss? Why such a mystery?
Ben has set it up that way and he doesn't know who Jacob is. Scenes were shot in multiple ways. Is it all made-up? Alt dimension? Whose point of view is the show being seen by?

New characters and so many open story lines with the writer's strike how did the writers remember everything?
They have a room with 5K post-its to keep track of all the storyline and actually there will probably be a few questions left unanswered once the show ends.

Are you a part of the Oceanic 6?
Practicallly confirms that he is not part of them and that he lives in the "shadows" of the real world, that he doesn't really exist. He continues by saying: Kate seems to have a child now and do you consider him a part of O6? Are you sure it is Aaron?

Ben is usually a prisoner on the island, but with control and always seems to be pulling the strings making you very fascinating character and you were caught on purpose right?
Yes, Ben has a purpose and it suits his needs to be in those type of situations.