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ODI LOST Podcast 6 - 4x05 Recap and 4x06 Review

Hey All,
Here is this week's podcast which includes a recap of this past week's episode of LOST The Constant a Desmond Centric (Henry Ian Cusick) "flash" filled episode. We also discuss the upcoming episode 4x06 and provide you with a little review of what to expect.

I know every week I say we are trying to cut down on the length of the podcast, but this week's episode was soooo good and we just had too much to say...!!

So sit down and enjoy the podcast or download the clips and listen to them via your iPod or Zune on the go.

NOTE: There are 9 clips this week, with Clips 8 & 9 containing the review of this week's episode which contains spoilers.


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