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Josh Holloway Arrives in Turkey for Ad Campaign

So one of the biggest pieces of news from LOST land yesterday was the arrival of star Josh Holloway being spotted by the paparazzi at LAX Airport in Los Angeles. Well immediately fans were wondering why when the LOST cast and crew was filming in Hawaii.

Well there were some potential spoilers/rumors about why and they are posted in the spoilers section, but not why was in LA is the main question because he is actually in Turkey.

Apparently Holloway was on his way to Turkey to film a commercial and do a photo shoot for ice cream!?

Well here are the video and article to prove it.

The popular adventure series "Lost," which continues to set TV ratings records, is a phenomenon. One of the series' most popular stars, Josh Holloway, who plays the character Sawyer on the program, will come to Turkey to be photographed for advertisements for the Magnum ice cream brand.

Many celebrities have taken part in Magnum advertisements, including Elizabeth Hurley and Eva Longoria. Holloway will be the first male celebrity Magnum signed to a contract. The photo shoot will take place in April.

Click Here to Read Article: Turkish Daily News