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ODI LOSTcast 11 - 4x09 Recap and 4x10 Preview

Hey Losties,
Well another week and another great episode of LOST!!

Yes, my man crush Michael Emerson was up to his tricks and he had a great episode jumping through time!!

This episode The Shape of Things to Come was one of the best episodes of the season and it definitely gives The Constant a run for it's money. With the appearance of Smokey, the shocking death of Alex, the appearance of hieroglyphics on the door Ben's Secret Secret room and the major reveal of him and Widmore playing a "game"!!

WOW OMG WTF was my initial reaction last Thursday night and that still stands!!

Well we discuss all of these points and more in our new LOST podcast this week.

Plus, don't forget the podcast is NOW available at iTunes where you can subscribe directly at the The ODI LOSTcast store.

As always we have separated the spoilers and for those of you that want to listen to the spoiler portion it is Part 2 of the podcast.

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ODI LOSTcast 11 - Part 1
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