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UPDATE: Extra Hour of LOST!?

As most of you know the big news from the LOST-verse was that the producers are trying get one more additional hour approved by ABC.

There is no official word yet, but Kristin from E!Online also has a report with a few interesting tidbits about this potential extra hour.

If you SOME how missed this story, click here to read the original post.

Here are the details:

Truth told, I heard the news last night that Lost's producers met with ABC about the extra hour; however, I was told by inside sources it was "much too early to report," since the pitch meeting just happened yesterday and since ABC has not yet had a chance to respond. I was asked to hold off since my sources didn't want the fans to be disappointed if the extra hour didn't end up happening.

That said, please don't shoot the TV Diva if this doesn't end up going down, but in case it's of any help to you, here's what my well-connected insiders say about where things stand:

* It is looking "highly likely" (yay!) that there will be an additional hour of Lost for season four, for a total of six hours coming up in the spring run, starting April 24.
* Producers pitched the idea of a two-hour finale to ABC, and if they end up getting an extra hour but it is not to extend the finale, well...that could be messy.
* The sense among insiders is that ABC execs very much want to make this happen, but like I said, they have not yet had a chance to respond. Fingers crossed they will soon and it'll be the right (i.e. "yes") decision!

You'll know more when I do. In the meantime, keep your pants on, your nose clean and April 24 circled in glitter on your calendar. And if you're feeling frisky, post your hopes for Lost's spring run below!

Source: EOnline