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Learn Why Danielle's Chracter was Killed Off the Show

Here is an interesting little article that reveals to us that the actress that plays Danielle Rousseau, Mira Furlan, asked to leave the show. Furlan would be the second fan favorite character (first being Eko) to ask off the show and each instance the writers killed off the character.

Of course on LOST, a character that dies on the show does not mean they can not show up in a future episode. So Rousseau fans keep your fingers crossed for that much expected Rousseau Flashback.

If you want to learn more about what happened and what the writers plan is for Furlan's character Danielle, check out the following article:

NOTE: This article does contain a minor potential SPOILER. So if you do NOT want to know if Danielle will return or not, then stop reading this now.

Thanks to DarkUFO for the heads up.

There is an interview with Mira Furlan's husband from a Croatian magazine which states that Mira Furlan asked to be written out of the show because she didn't like constantly being in Hawaii. Her husband also states that she might be back for the next season.

"Why did your wife stopped shooting ''Lost?''?
She got bored of Hawaii. She got ''island fever'' - that's how cast of Lost calls it in joke. Simply, she didn't want to be on that island, she didn't want to work that job, so she made a deal with the producers to kill her character off.

How did they kill her off?
Shot her. But, her character is pretty popular with fans of the series, so they leaved possibility for comeback next season."

Source: Lostpedia Forum