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The Hardest LOST Quiz Ever!!

Here is the Hardest LOST Quiz Ever Made!!

Thanks to several fans and readers of DarkUFO our good friend Dark was able to compile these questions and create this great quiz!!

IMPORTANT - Please Read Rules Before Starting

1) There are 39 Multiple-choice questions.
2) You pick either A, B, C or D for your answer by clicking on your choice
3) You are then told if you got it right along with the answer and the % of other users who also got it right.
4) You have 30 seconds to complete each question and the quicker you answer the question the more points you get
5) If you want your score recorded on the League Table you must FIRST create a free account HERE.
6) Only take the quiz ONCE if you want your score on the league table at the end of the day.

Enjoy and namaste