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LOST Fan Gear $100 Giveaway!!

Hey Losties,

How have you all been doing!? I know we are a couple of weeks into the long hiatus, but as promised we will do our best to continue to bring you any news about the show, appearances/interviews by the stars, and any thing else fun.

Well the folks over at SeenOn.com, run the ABC TV Store and our friend Brittany informed us that they have a LOST Promotional Giveaway going on right now!! They are giving away a $100 LOST prize package to their members and there is NO purchase necessary in order to qualify or enter.

All you have to do is sign up to their site or if you are already a member just log into your account and you are entered into the chance at getting the prize package!! I already signed-up, so I keeping my fingers crossed!!

What is included in the package...!? Here is the breakdown:

LOST camouflage thermal, an Apollo hat, Dharma pins, and a LOST mug.

I personally like the Apollo Logo hat, but those Dharma Logo pins look pretty sweet.

If you are interested just check out the details at the following link and sign up today, because the cut-off to sign up is this Wednesday June 11th.


NOTE: This contest is for US Residents only. Sorry international fans. We will have some future things for you all, so keep checking back.

The ABC TV Store has a huge selection of LOST Gear and is one of the best places to find all things LOST, so check out the store as well.

Stay tuned for more fun, contests and giveaways!!