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LOST Season 4 Wraps - Michael Emerson Interview

Here is an interesting interview with LOST star Michael Emerson about the end of Season 4 and what transpired with Ben over the season and what could happen with his character.

Below I added a summary of the video for those that need to translate it and thanks to my friend DarkUFO for the clip.

Enjoy and namaste.

1)Ben is a Puppet-Master this season, but he had to improvise, because of the situations handed to him
2) Big "game" with Widmore is going on. Ben v Widmore might be a story for even one whole season
3) Ben is a creation of the writers, some of the way it plays out is because of Emerson
4) Fun to play Ben and him being "wicked"
5) Dirty, sweaty, long days and physically challenging
6) Now we can see the end coming.
7) Rather have a "killer" ending then have it draging on.
8) Does not know where the the show is going or how it will end.
9) Believes, the island is ONLY one small part of something big happening