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ODI LOSTcast 15 Part 2 - 4x13 TNPLH Part 2 Recap

Hey Losties,
Another week has passed during out loonnnggg drawn out hiatus. However, I hope you all keep checking for the latest updates and news.

Since there was so much information to cover for the finale, earlier this week we posted the first part of our LOST Season 4 Finale Podcast and today I am posting Part 2.

Now for those of you that have subscribed to the podcast on iTunes, might already have this second part downloaded into your library because we uploaded it a couple of days ago. However, fo all of you that have not listened yet, below is the audio player and also the download link for those that want it for your MP3 players and do not have iTunes.

In this part of our recap we cover all the Oceanic 6 Flash forwards and also provide you us with some of our theories and what we think will happen in the final 2 seasons.

NOTE: For those that do not like SPOILERS we discuss a few spoilers at the 47 minute mark. We also warn about the spoilers before we discuss them, so be careful and make sure you stop listening if you do not want to be spoiled.

Also, if you missed part 1 of this podcast you can find it here:

ODI LOSTcast 15 Part 1 - Episode 4x13 TNPLH Recap Part 1

ODI LOSTcast 15 Part 2 - 4x13 Finale Part 2 Recap (Spoilers at 47 Min Mark)

Download Link:
ODI LOSTcast 15 Part 2 - 4x13 Finale Part 2 Recap

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