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EW Visionaries Panel Comic Con 08 - With Lindelof and Cuse

**UPDATED** FULL Panel now uploaded and posted.

Not sure how many of you read the Live Blog I posted during this panel, but I am slowly uploading the FULL panel. This is NOT the LOST panel and includes writers from other shows including Pushing Daisies, Chuck, and Sarah Conner Chronicles. However, most of the questions were focused on LOST and it felt like a LOST Panel, which ended up being a running joke.

This was another fun panel and as always quite funny!! Damon even drops a F-Bomb!

So far I have uploaded the first two parts and part 3 is being uploaded as I type this out. The file sizes are causing YT to take some extra time to upload and process.

However, as you can see we were in the first row and this is the raw footage unedited, so sorry for some of the shakiness because we were taking pics and posting live while trying to record the panel for you all.

EW Panel - Part 1

EW Panel - Part 2

EW Panel - Part 3

EW Panel - Part 4

EW Panel - Part 5

EW Panel - Part 6