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ODI LOSTcast 17 - Various Updates and Mister Payne Podcast Interview

Hey Losties,
How have you all been!? Another week has passed during the hiatus. Don't forget just because LOST news is slow right, does not mean there is not stuff to read and discuss. Don't forget the Heroes and Movies Sections here on the site. Just click on the tabs above.

Well a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of joining SEVERAL other LOST podcasters for an Epic Season 4 recap/review podcast that was hosted by Mister Payne. The podcast ended up being over 3 hours long and my segment was about 25 mins long. Yeah and you thought the ODI LOSTcasts were long?? Still a great listen probably over a couple of sessions, just bunch of different opinions about LOST and season 4.

Mister Payne actually wanted to interview Dark or someone from his site about spoilers, LOST season 4 and the site in general. Since Andy was on vacation he asked me to do it for him.

So now since many of you might not have 3 hours to listen to the whole podcast, this week's ODI LOSTcast, is actually just a little 5 minute update for LOST news and then my interview with Mister Payne which totals about 30 minutes in total.

Here is a little summary of the interview with the audio and below that is the FULL 3 Hour Podcast audio from Mister Payne. Of course thanks to Mister Payne for the time and interview.

1) Finally learn the history of The ODI name!! I know many of you know what it means, but for those that don't it stands for The Orange Dharma Initiative and I explained how the ODI name was created.

2) Talk about Spoiler Culture (No Spoilers): People that hate spoilers, "death" threats, and what is considered a "spoiler"?? Also hear my theory on who LOSTFan108 is and where we get some of our spoilers. This part is great for all of you spoiler-free fans to learn the inside of another world of LOST.

3) Little discussion about Season 4 and why I thought it was great.

4) Mister Payne who interviewed me, thinks Season 2 is the best season ever. I liked it quite a bit, but I disagreed with him because although great it is the worst of the 4 and told him why.

5) What I think will happen in Season 5 - Trust me no spoilers, just my thoughts and feelings.

6) We also covered several of the items that we have planned for all of you here on DarkUFO and of course on my site at TheODI.com, including LOST Fantasy and Prediction League and ComicCon. Of course by now you all are probably sick us jamming it down your throats!! Just want to make sure everyone is signed up thats all.

ODI LOSTcast 17 - Various Updates and Mister Payne Podcast Interview

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So here are the full details of who was a part of this huge podcast and if you did not listen to my clip above, my part starts at the 1Hr 37Min mark.

This show took forever to post, but it is indeed finally here. It is the LOST Season 4 Review Show brought to you by No Payne No Glory and its' host Mister Payne.

On this show are the usual segments: Payne's Peeps, News You Should Know, Who Else Is Talkin' About LOST, and (everyone's favorite) If This Was HBO. Guests being interviewed on this show included The LOST Unlocked guys, Mark for the Not Another LOST Podcast, Big O from the Cranky Fanatic LOST podcast, Wayne Henderson and The ODI! The Hydra Cooler podcast also stop by to make a contribution.

This show is taylor-made for any TRUE LOST FAN!

This show is jammed packed! Inside this episode you can find out how to win MISTER PAYNE'S MONEY (details inside the podcast)!!! We also take a look at the fourth season of LOST and cover everything from Locke's death to the season 4 DVD! LOST content is scarce right now, so this is a nearly 3 hour comprehensive look back at season 4 of what I believe is the best show currently on television. A ton of hard work and contributions from a lot of great people went into the making of this episode so take a minute to download and listen!

Download Link:
Click Here To Download Mister Payne Season 4 Review Show