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SciFi to Start Airing LOST Repeats on Sept. 15th

Hey Losties,
Another week gone in the long hiatus and well guess what!? To get your LOST fix, you do not have to wait until the Season 4 DVD is released in December or for Season 5 a month later in Jan. 2009, because the SciFi Channel will begin airing repeats of LOST starting on Sept. 15th 7PM/6PMc!!

As previously reported they will start airing the show in 4 hours blocks (4 episodes) every Monday!! That is right you will get 4 hours of LOST every Monday night!!

Of course I know some of you are Heroes fans and can't wait until it returns in Sept. also, but now you will even happier with LOST returning to TV for the Fall season as well.

I guess I need to get another DVR to record all of these episodes!!

Have a safe and Happy 4th of July!!!