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DWY Site Being Updated with New Test!!

*UPDATE* The new test was launched late last night but the servers crashed immediately luckily I grabbed some screencaps and they are at the following link:

Click here to view screencaps of Test 1 and New Email

Hey All,
Looks like the day is FINALLY here for an update at the Dharma Wants You site!!

If you visit the site you will get a "Site Updating" splash page as you can seen from the screencap, but what you do NOT see is an interesting new test is being planned!!

Thanks to a reader from Dark's OGR Page, we now have some of what is found in the flash code and details of what is to come!!

Details of New Test:

Pressurized Spatial Judgment Evaluation
TEST OBJECTIVE:To assess your ability to recognize and arrange spatial patterns within a limited temporal envelope.

You will also be able to challenge a friend now (Invite him/her) and you can score points if they register in DWY :

The Dharma Initiative needs more talented recruits like you.
Challenge a friend to beat your score. If your friend registers with Dharma Wants You, you score Dharma Points.