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New Dharma Email Released Today!! *UPDATED*

**UPDATED** This email is now live and the link below reveals the new email. Here is a screencap of the email and also a screencap of the DWY site announcing that testing will begin on 8/19.

Thanks to everyone that sent these in.

Hey All,
Many of you have speculated over the last couple of days that hopefully the ARG will finally begin today which is August 15th (8/15) based purely on the date and it semms like you all are right.

Well thanks to The Others and Jungle Jim who decided to try 0815 in the email link field and sure enough they received the good ole' login box.

Soooo solve away. I have tried a few of the obvious choices, but no luck yet. If someone figures it out. Please let us know.

Here is a little screencap I made to show you what it looks like: