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ODI LOSTcast 19 - Parts 1 and 2

Hey Losties!!

How have you all been!? Well looky here, next week LOST syndication starts on SciFi and G4 networks and the Fall TV schedule has already begun with JJ Abrams new show Fringe debuting earlier this week!!

Yes, I know this is still not the correct LOST fix you want or need, but guess what we are only about 5 months away from the premiere!! The LOST cast and crew are busy filming Season 5 and today we got word that they are already starting production on Episode 5x03. If you want some spoilers just listen to the second part of the new podcast or check out the spoilers section here.

Well I know it has been several weeks since I posted our last podcast, but we had some delays because of some personal time constraints and some editing issues. But, no worries all is fixed now and we were able to post the new podcast to iTunes over the weekend.

For those, that have not listened to the podcast yet, it is a super sized podcast and is once again in two parts. Here is a little summary of what to expect:

Part 1:
Ron and I update you on the latest LOST news with Ron making a special announcement for all of you out there. The first part ends with my last radio interview I did with the Shannon Burke Show shortly after Comic Con. We do discuss some spoilers but give you some fair warning.

Part 2:
The first portion is my interview with the Mister Payne podcast, which was also shortly after Comic Con and we discussed several different things about the experience of Comic Con. The last part of the podcast is Ron and I providing you with a Spoilers Round-Up that starts at the 50 Minute mark.

Below are the clips and links to actually download for those that do not have iTunes. For those of you that do use iTunes to download and listen to the podcast, please feel free to leave a review for us there.

Hope you enjoy the podcast!! Namaste.

ODI LOSTcast 19 - Part 1

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ODI LOSTcast 19 - Part 2

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