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Abrams Explains the Use of Kelvin in his Projects

Hey All,
In case you did not know, LOST Creator JJ Abrams, is the man behind the new Star Trek reboot.

This week several new promotional pictures were released for the movie and one of them was of a spaceship called the USS Kelvin. As LOST fans, we know Kelvin is the name of the guy that was in the Swan Hatch before Desmond.

I know that most of the names on the show have some meaning, but I never knew the meaning of Kelvin to JJ until the report today confirming that he uses the name Kelvin in all of his projects in honor of his grandfather who was very influential to his childhood.

Well here are some more uses of Kelvin in other projects and if you want to see more promo pics or read more about the movie, we have a ton of information at SpoilerTV Movies Page at the following link:

More Star Trek Details

They did offer up the origin of the U.S.S. Kelvin's name. Director J.J. Abrams' maternal grandfather was named Henry Kelvin. He owned an electronics company and was very influential to Abrams as a boy. So in honor of him, Abrams has dropped the name "Kelvin" into every project he's worked on. In "Mission: Impossible III," a letter is addressed to "H. Kelvin," and on the first episode of the new series "Fringe" a character worked on a project called "Kelvin Genetics."

Source: Yahoo