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LOST Producers on 25 Smartest in TV List

Hey All,
LOST Producers Carlton Cuse, Damon Lindelof and JJ Abrams all made EW's 25 Smartest in TV List:


AGES 45; 49; 35

TITLES Exec producer, Desperate 
 Housewives; exec producers, Lost
SMART BECAUSE They manage TV phenoms better than anyone, a coveted skill in an era of audience erosion and fickle fandom. Cherry kept the creative bacon sizzling on Wisteria Lane with a five-year leap in time that gave audiences a new reason to tune in to the fifth season. Meanwhile, Team Darlton — who chose to end Lost in 2010 — restored the show's cool with a season that earned the series its first best-drama Emmy nom since season 1.


AGE 42
TITLE Exec producer, Fringe
SMART BECAUSE Every network wants to be in the J.J. business — even after the so-so start for Fox's Fringe, which has been finding its voice and growing 
due to his hands-on nurturing. (Getting paired with American Idol in 2009 should lead to an even bigger audience boost.) Movies beckon (Star Trek = drool), but the lucrative deal he signed with Warner Bros. in 2006 will keep Abrams committed to the small screen at least through 2012.

Source: EW