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New ABC and LOST Season 5 Promos

Hey Losties,
Hopefully your Christmas week went well!?

Well ABC released several new promos for all their shows including LOST. Many of the promos aired during ABC's coverage of the NBA basketball games Christmas Day, so if you missed them, don't worry because we have them for you here.

Below is an ABC compilation promo of all their shows and does have a few quick flashes of new LOST Scenes.

Also a cool new LOST promo titled "How Far Would You Go!?". The new promo is a little more focused on the romance side of the show and contains several spoiler filled scenes and we have posted that one in the spoilers section of the site at this link:

New Season 5 Promo - How Far Would You Go!?

Of course, for you spoiler haters we have the ABC promo here: