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New Dharma Videos Include Sneak Peek and More!!

Hey All,
The New DSA email and videos were revealed today and the two videos include a sneak peek for LOST Episode 5x01 and small Q&A with Darlton wishing us a Happy Holidays!!

In the email, in addition to announcing the videos they confirmed that because of the recent storms in Hawaii, a LOST set was damaged because of a landslide causing a delay in filming for some scenes.

Since the videos include spoilers they are posted in the spoilers section of the site, but here are the links for you below and the email for you all to enjoy!!

DSA Videos:
Episode 5x01 - Sneak Peek with Screencaps

Q&A Clip with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse

DSA Email - Password: Kapalaran

(Click to Enlarge)