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Week 8 DSA Email and Videos!!

Hey All,
A couple of days ago we were able to gain access to one of the new DSA videos that happened to be a Sbeak Peek for Episode 5x02. No email was sent out but finally today we have received this week's email!!

The password this week is "Bharosa" which is actually a Hindi word that can mean belief/trust in someone/thing.

Below is a screencap of the email and here is a link to the sneak peek that was released that is posted in the spoilers section of the site.

NOTE: The video today is a slightly extended version of the sneak clip from a couple of days ago!!

Click Here to View New Sneak Peek for Episode 5x02

The second video is just a slide show of the Season 5 Promotional Pics which you can access via entering the password at the DSA Link:


NOTE: This email contains MINOR SPOILERS (Episode Titles)