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Episode 5x03 Jughead - Makes MY Head Explode!!

A jughead sized OMG WTF!? Was heard/seen collectively online and throughout the LOSTverse last night during the awesome reveal of the young military man "Jones" as the one and only Charles Widmore!!

Last week when the writers kicked down the door of time travel, I knew we were indeed moving into territory that many fans and people would not be too happy about it. Of course with knowing spoilers, I knew what was coming and felt a little more relaxed knowing the route that Darlton was taking.

Yes I knew Des/Pen were going to have a baby boy, that the Jughead was a bomb and that we were going to see a Young Widmore!!

However, my head still exploded watching it all play out!! Baby Charlie added more emotion to the most romantic couple on the show and yes they do not even need it. Of course, what if Baby Charlie is ummmm Charlie Pace!? Nah can't be right!? Well either way it is an awesome tribute for Des to name his son Charlie in honor of his island buddy, but how smart are the writers that with the name "Charlie" we also get a little nod to Charles Widmore for Penny.

Watching Desmond search first for the doctor and then again for Faraday's Mom and then for the Spencers (Teresa I will discuss later) while eventually ending up once again back at Widmore's office is a great parallel. Yes, I am sure many of you now clearly noticed the Polar Bear Namaste painting, but if you were obsessive like me and some other fans back in Season 2, then you will realize this is the SAME painting from Widmore's office. Ohhh what it means now!! Kudos Darlton!

Speaking of Teresa, who is she you ask!? Well the simple answer is she of course is the poor lady that Faraday was doing experiments on and unfortunately seems to have her mind stuck in time who knows where!? Of course, she could be there just to learn the reveal of the Faraday/Widmore connection OR is it possible this is the Teresa that falls up and down the stairs that Boone seemed to mention while with Locke in the jungle back in Season 1!?

Desmond episodes are always amazing, because of the emotion and acting that are put for by both Des and Pen and this episode is no different. I still love The Constant more, but this episode ends on interesting note with Penny realizing that no mater what, that Des is destined for the island once again, but this time her and Charlie will join him!! Of course, another door opens for the fans that believe Des/Pen are Adam and Eve.

Desmond's scenes were great, but the on-island adventures were quite revealing as well!!

There are too many to reeeeally analyze, but here are the key moments:

1) Jughead the bomb itself, having to buried in concrete, my first thought like many others, could this be WHY there is all the concrete under the swan hatch!?

2) Thanks to my good friend Sawyer840 for pointing out the bomb was danglind like pendulum ala Ms. Hawking's little lair. Nice little connection and you can find more at Sawyer840 about Pendulums.

3) Once again Faraday plays a key role as someone who tries to keep order to all of the flashing and chaos. However, along the way he declares his love for Charlotte, seems to think Ellie looks familiar (maybe his mom or Charlotte's mom) and happens to convince Ellie everything is ok by telling her that they are from the future.

4) Locke the Leader - Locke finally begins to understand what is going on, but still does not know how to fix things. He convinces past ummm young "old" Alpert that he is his leader from the future and that he was sent from Jacob. The compass shows up once again and well the big reveal is that Locke tells Alpert that if he does NOT believe him that you can come see him be born!! Yup, that is WHY Alpert was following Locke through his early days and trying to convince Young Locke to join Mittelos!!

5) Widmore was/is an Other/Hostile - Now of course this is the moment that is the OMG WTF reveal that rippled through time and space of the LOSTverse finally revealing just WHO Charles Widmore is!! So he was NOT lying to Ben when he said that the island was "his". Of course we do not know if it is literally hi, but we now understand that he was an original inhabitant, Other/Hostile of the island!!

Too Freaking good!!

6)Zombie Charlotte - Well the episode ends with the on-island Losties flashing through time once again, WHEN they are nobody knows!! However, the side effects finally kick and well it seems like Charlotte has the "sickness" and needs to realize who her Constant is and QUICKLY!. Poor Dan

Well I can keep on going but I will save the thoughts for the podcasts and for you to read via other recappers, but I would def give this episode a 9.5/10. the extra .5 bonus was for the Widmore reveal.

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