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Happy LOST Season 5 Premiere Day!!!

Hey All,
So the wait is finally over!! Season 5 of LOST will air tonight and once again all of us will say OMG!! WTF!?

So destiny has called and we will all watch glued to our TVs for every moment of the two hour premiere.

Before we reach those moments, I wanted to thank each and everyone of you that visit the site, because with out all of you Losties out there we would have no reason to do all of this.

I also want to thank my good friend DarkUFO for all his support, Karen my podcast partner, Anna our very own recapper, my former podcast partner Ron, and all our sources and contributors that helped me out during this hiatus.

Well tomorrow night do not forget to check out the live chat as the episode airs and once the episode ends we will post all the screencaps, easter eggs, and promos that your hearts desire!!

Anna will be back with her weekly recaps and Karen and I will be posting weekly recap/preview podcasts ALL season long!!

So Losties after waiting for over 8 months are you ready for over 4 months of LOST!? Oh did you see that!? The LOST numbers!! Ahhhh let the madness begin!!