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New LOST S5 Billboard with Sayid!!

Hey All,
A very cool LOST Season 5 Billboard has been found in Glasgow, Scotland.

The billboard features Bad-Ass Sayid with a nice little tag line and advertises Season 5 for Sky One.

Now if you are a fan of spoilers, then you will know there is an inside joke ongoing about Ben's Annie. Many fans have theorized she would return and well any casting call we get or spoiler many fans would say it is related to Annie. Well some have become so agitated with it happening that almost ANY spoiler posted is attempted to be connected to her just for fun.

Well look at the sign under the billboard..."Anniesland"

I would say that is FATE... ;)

Thanks to our friends at SL-LOST for the heads up.

NOTE: If you find any other billboards please send us picture of it and we will post it.

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