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ODI LOSTcast 25 - S5 Preview and Spoilers Recap

Hey All,
So here we are ONE day until the two hour (two episode) Season 5 Premiere of LOST!!

I can't believe it has been over 8 months of waiting for this, but I know all of you out there are super excited!!

This new podcast is our special extended Season 5 Preview Show and we cover many details about the premiere and provide you with a recap of several of the new spoilers.

Yes I know many of you do not like spoilers, but in the first half of the podcast we were joined by DarkUFO team member and host of the LOST Fantasy League G-Man!! G-Man sat in for a reminder and recap of what to expect for the Season 5 LFL. We then chat about the Season 5 Premiere and update you all with the recent spoilers.

The second half of the podcast is an interview that Karen and I had with our good friend Mister Payne for his Season 5 Preview show. It is a fun interview to listen too and the beginning is spoiler-free, but we do talk about Season 5 spoilers as well. We were a just a portion of Mister Payne's podcast that also included other podcasters and friends like Ryan and Jen from The Transmission and Jay and Jack. You can find Payne's Season 5 Preview show here: Mister Payne's LOST Season 5 Preview Podcast

This podcast was available on iTunes yesterday, but for those that missed it or can not access it there below is an audio player and download link.

NOTE: Here is a breakdown of when you will find spoilers in case you want to forward through:

Spoilers are between 12:30-68:00 AND after the 83:00 minute marks.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and of course the season premiere. We will definitely have our weekly recap show up early next week.


ODI LOSTcast 25 - S5 Preview and Spoilers Recap

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