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Episode 5x04 -- My Name Is Prince

I am admittedly running very late on my 3-episode premiere article for the new season and sincerely apologize to my dear readers for the unusually long wait. It’s quite a beast and is still in the editing process. I will release it as soon as possible. In the meantime I am moving forward with my usual recaps. I appreciate your patience.

INTRO: Sign O The Times

I suppose the creatives of LOST figured that after all of the time-travel insanity of first three episodes of this season, audiences needed a little time to catch up with their own jet-lag. ‘The Little Prince’ served as one of these “breather” episodes we are used to seeing after a good amount of action and/or advancement of the storyline. However, we are working towards an endgame now, and even this pace-breaker served its up own hefty dose of plot-shock. Perhaps this is a sign of how different a show can be once there is a conclusion in sight. There’s no more need to fill time and stretch the story along with golfing, long scenes of Bernard moving rocks, and overly-sentimental “cannonball moments” (sorry Hugo lovers, but that was kind of silly). Everything is now moving along quite nicely and we are getting answers, though still not without a few questions to keep us going perfectly crazy in the meantime.

Girl 6

When we last saw Kate, she was hiding out at Sun’s hotel room in L.A., trying to figure out what to do about the party responsible for ordering a blood test to determine if she is really Aaron’s mother. So with borrowed suit she leaves to visit the representing lawyer, where it becomes clear that the “client” plans to take custody of the child they “both know” is not hers. Poor Aaron. Since before he was born it seems someone has always been after him. I think it is easy to tell from her reaction to this news how very much Kate loves the boy and considers him to be her own. It’s a good thing she left him with her dear friend Sun.