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New LOST Ajira Airways Billboard Spotted in LA!!

Hey All,
As most of you know by now, Ajira Airways is an airline like Oceanic Airlines created for LOST.

Ajira was first seen as a part of a LOST ARG before season 5 began and in Episode 5x04 The Little Prince an Ajira Airways water bottle was found by the Losties.

Well we were just informed that a new LOST Billboard that actually has the Ajira Logo breaking through has been spotted in Los Angeles. I have not seen this billboard yet and do not know where it is located, but here is a nice picture of it!!

No word if there are any more, but the last time ABC used billboards, they were for Oceanic Air in the apparent "destination" cities. If you spot one, please take a picture and send it in.

Thanks to Quinn for the image and Amber for the heads up.

(Click to Enlarge)