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Happy LOST 100th Episode Day!!

Hey All,
Yes today is the 100th Episode of LOST!! Technically I think it is the 100th hour, but it counts!

Tonight's episode 5x14 will continue right where we left off last episode with Faraday returning from Ann Arbor, Michigan on the sub. For those of you that do not remember why Ann Arbor is important, that is where the Dharma Scientists are based. We actually learned that back in Season 2.

As always we are planning for LOST Live Episode chat and streaming links will be provided in both chat windows. You have two options to chat with fellow Losties. You can chat via the Chatango chat or scroll down to DarkUFO's chat client. BOTH chat boxes can be found on the Chat page by clicking on the chat tab above.

Tonight's episode is one of the more hyped and anticipated episodes in a while and the promos, sneaks, promo pics, and press release provide us all with some juicy tidbits!!

NOTE: Tonight Pres. Obama has his First 100 Days Speech which begins at 8PM and could possibly run late, so set your DVRs and watching patterns accordingly.

For those that missed all these items in the spoilers section you can find them with the following links:

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