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Matthew Fox Interview in French Magazine

Here is a recent interview of LOST Star Matthew Fox in a French Magazine.

Thanks to mfoxfan for the scans and translation!


(Click to Enlarge)

What's the first thing you notice in a woman?

Hair and nails. A bad haircut or chewed up nails are telling for me, it's a sign of letting yourself go. Back when I was younger, I used to dump girls who chewed their nails all day long. On the other hand, I can't stand women who spend their days in salons. The smell of nail varnish gives me palpitations and a headache.

But there must be feminine perfumes that make you melt?

Coconut. My wife uses coconut oil to tan but also for her hair. Whenever I smell it, it's as if all of Polynesia is assaulting my nostrils with its fragrances. Truth be told, I'm slowly recovering my sense of smell, especially after I stopped smoking. All I could smell before was my own scent, pure tobacco.

What about accessories, what gets your pulse racing?

Oh, that's easy. I love it when my wife uses hair pins. The cheap ones have the same effect, I have no idea why. I like it when she slides them through her long, black hair.

How much would you spend on lingerie for your lady?

I'd rather be surprised. There are men who like to get in there and overcrowd their women's dressing rooms, but I'd rather have my lady put on that show for me at home.

Is there any feminine fashion trend you don't like?

I find the lowcut miniskirt with navels and gstrings sticking out look embarrassing. I prefer my wife's long flowing robes when she goes shopping for pineapple. She's got her little basket, can't get enough of that.