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What Did You See Promos

Hey All,
Tonight during LOST several different things flashed with the words What Did You See!?

They were all for ABC's new show Flash Forward. LOST's very own Sonya Walger who plays Penny has been cast in the pilot and it seems like an interesting show.

What is it all about!? Here is a little synopsis for the show from Zap2it and we posted the promo on the TV Spoilers Section of the site here:

Promo Here: http://tvspoilers-odi.blogspot.com/2009/04/flash-forward-what-did-you-see-promo.html

The show is based on Robert J. Sawyer's novel and follows the fallout from a cataclysm in which the world's entire population blacks out for just over two minutes. In addition to dealing with the chaos that ensues when everyone wakes up -- everything from car crashes to people walking off rooftops -- people soon come to realize that they all had a vision of their futures. The network says that those investigating the event will have only "a huge mosaic of people's flash forwards" to go on -- hence the Mosaic Collective title for the aforementioned site.