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Happy LOST Day!! Live Episode Chat Tonight!!

Hey All,
Earlier today we posted the latest podcast and I feel a little extra excited about tonight's episode!!

Perhaps, with the promos, sneak peeks and the recent leaked synopsis, I can't wait to see how it all plays out!! Yes, there is a full synopsis of the episode that was leaked from an event where Carlton Cuse spoke at Ohio State University and then screened the episode for the students.

Here is a link to the event that was called How I Produced LOST:


Of course it did not take long for fans to submit details and a synopsis that we have posted in the spoilers section.

As always we will have a Live Episode Chat tonight during the east coast airing on the chat page where you can chat in BOTH The ODI chat window and DarkUFO Chat. Just click on the Chat Tab at the top of the page.

In the mean time if you have already listened to the podcast, you can check out the following links for all the promos, sneaks promo pics and more for tonight's episode!!

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