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ODI LOSTcast Update

Hey All,
Just wanted to make a little post and update you on the status of the new podcast. With so much being revealed and new questions arising from the Season 5 finale, Karen, Danny and myself had so much to talk about in the podcast that it will be broken up into at least 2-3 parts.

Part 1 has been recorded and in the final stages of the editing process and will hopefully be posted by tomorrow in time for the holiday weekend.

I appreciate all the emails and comments wondering where the podcast is, so you should all have the first part soon!!!

Don't worry we will not short change you at all, the reason for the extra time and the multiple parts is because we want to make sure you get our full thoughts on everything that has happened and how we relate it to the show in general.

In the meantime my two wonderful podcast partners have already posted their recaps for the finale, Vozzek69 (Danny) over at DarkUFO and Karen has the first part of her recap posted on her site.

Below are links to their recaps and perhaps will give you an a little insight on their thoughts before listening to the podcast.


Karen's Thoughts - The Incident Part 1 | Vozzek's Things I Noticed The Incident