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Emilie De Ravin on the Set of Remember Me

Hey All,
Many of you have been wondering where the mysterious Claire has been on the LOST Island during all of the time jumping in Season 4.

If she was indeed alive the last time we saw here with daddy (aka Ghost Christian or smokey) then she should have been time jumping with the rest of the Losties right!?

Well this is one of the questions that the writers have promised to answer in Season 6, but in the meantime Emilie De Ravin who portrays Claire has been super busy making movies.

She will next be seen in the upcoming Johnny Depp movie Public Enemies, but is currently filming some romantic beach scenes with one of the "hottest" actors in Hollwywood, Robert Pattinson. Who is Robert Pattinson, well he is the star of the super-popular Twilight movie series.

Lucky us we have posted some new set pictures of De Ravin and Pattinson in the Movies Section of the site getting a little comfy on the beach.

So I am posting a few of them here along with a link to view more.

View More Pics Here: SpoilerTV Movies

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