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Getting Lost

Thanks to B3rt4 for the heads up.

The Season 5 finale's unnamed "Man No. 2" is the No. 1 topic in the new Getting Lost video. Who (or what) is this being that would eventually find a "loophole," pose as a resurrected Locke and order Ben to slay Jacob?

In this video, I share Getting Lost viewers' top theories, which are plumbed from such places as the Bible, Egyptian lore, and the creepy chamber situated beneath the island's Temple.

Next, the "man in black" himself — Deadwood alum Titus Welliver — reveals what he knows about his alter ego's actual name. The actor then shares his interesting take on the island's ultimate pecking order as it relates to Jacob and... well, whomever.

We then wrap things up with a new Burning Question.

Source: TV Guide

Posted by DarkUFO