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EXCLUSIVE: TV Explained: LOST iPhone App Giveaway

Hey All,
Earlier today, a new iPhone app dedicated to TV Shows was released and one of the three shows featured is LOST!

Here is a description of the App according to creators:

TV Explained: Lost is a brand new, innovative App for understanding what is going on in your favorite TV show. The App explains scene by scene what is going on, what is a flashback, what point of time the scene is set in, as well as revealing some of the hidden messages.

The creators of the App have decided to exclusively giveaway 10 Apps to the readers of The ODI and DarkUFO!!

All you have to do is be a follower of BOTH @TheODI and @DarkUFO Twitter Accounts and then fill in the contest entry form below. You have one week to sign up and next week July 29th at 12PM PST, 10 random winners will be selected and then be informed.

So make sure you follow us on Twitter and enter the information correctly.

Thanks to Henry with Island Wall for making this contest possible.

NOTE: Below the contest form is a video of the app in action.

DISCLAIMER: TheODI and DarkUFO are simply running the contest and have no financial ties with this product. The value of the app is $2.99.

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