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LOST Cast Predicts the End of the Show

Hey All,
Of course with Season 6 still months away the biggest question in EVERYONE'S mind is HOW WILL LOST END!?!?

Of course the media loves to find out what the cast members think and I am sure many of you also wonder what they think, so here is your chance to find out what some of them think!! So whose theory is your favorite and does it match yours!?!?

These are great and Henry Ian Cusick and Daniel Dae Kim's responses were classic!!


Josh Holloway (Sawyer)
“There’s got to be a big blow-out war among everybody, and they’re all going to kill each other. There’ll be a few stragglers who have to make a choice, like the way ‘On the Beach’ ended, where the threat blows itself up and people will have to decide whether to stay or go.”

Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet)
“Like the end of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, I think something will happen where we all go back to where we were. Juliet was never brought to the island. The plane never crashes. These people have never met. But because of the odd nature of time, we keep on getting drawn back into the same situation again. So basically, the ending is just another beginning.”

Dominic Monaghan (Charlie)
“The remaining cast decides whether to walk the path of good or bad, and an epic battle reigns. Evangeline Lilly puts in the performance of the year and wins a Golden Globe.”

Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond)
“The resurrection of the dead—with someone singing [Hawaiian farewell song] ‘Aloha ’Oe.’”

Daniel Dae Kim (Jin)
“We all settle into Dharmaville, build our own homes and develop the island into a tourist destination and make millions of dollars.”

Source: TV Guide Magazine