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LOST Panel Comic Con 09 New Details (UPDATED)

**UPDATED** 7/13 12AM We can now confirm that Jorge Garcia will attend Comic Con and be a part of the LOST Panel. If you will be in attendance and would like to meet up or help live blog or have your pictures posted, please email me at mrtheodi@gmail.com

Hey All,
With about two weeks to go until the big LOST Panel at San Diego Comic Con, very few details are known about what is planned. Of course LOST writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are planned to be a part of the panel with some surprises, but not much more.

However, we have learned through one of our sources that there will be a "few" cast members in attendance including Michael Emerson and possibly Jorge Garcia if things work out. Additionally there is supposedly a "surprise" cast member scheduled!!

Who could this be!? Last years surprise guest was Matthew Fox, but there have been several rumors about returning cast members for Season 6. So could it be like SDCC07 when Harrold Perrineau (Michael) made a surprise visit before his return in Season 4?? Could it be Elizabeth Mitchell who is confirmed to appear for her new show V? There was also some chatter about Josh Holloway appearing when Lindelof said he would love for him to be there.

We have sent messages out to a few other sources to try and get some more confirmations, but what do you all think?? Excited yet??

I will be in attendance along with several of you that are also planning to attend and can't wait to meet up and hang out!

If you will be at Comic Con and would like to meet or help us at The ODI, DarkUFO and SpoilerTV live blog the LOST panel or any other part of Comic Con, please make sure you email me at mrtheodi@gmail.com so we can add you to our list and email you details on how you can help.

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