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Josh Holloway Interview

Thanks to prisonbreak-tv.ru for the heads up

We had the pleasure of speaking with Josh Holloway at the 2009 Comic Con. Here's what he had to say.

How does it feel to be in the home stretch?

Josh: Bittersweet. As an actor, of course, I'm interested in playing other roles and experimenting with other things, so that part is a bit exciting. To possibly do something- a different role, but, like I said, it's bittersweet because it's going to be difficult to top this one. I've been really enjoying the exploration of the character throughout, and it's going to be a sad thing to see it end. But, then again, it's going to be magical. Last year, everyone's going to be just so excited and the material's going to finally make some sense - maybe. So that I'm looking forward to. The only thing I've gotten right is: I thought The Island moved. That's all I got right the entire six years. I remember saying that to Damon and he got all weird with me. I was like, "Uh oh! Found something, didn't I?" And he ran off. But, yeah, it's gonna be bittersweet for this to end; we love Hawaii.

What is Sawyer's state of mind, post Juliet falling down a giant hole?

Josh: Wow. I think he's pretty destroyed. So I think he's going to be back to - all of that growth just got ripped away. So I think he's going to be a bit salty again, which I'm looking forward to. So I'm not really sure. All I know is that he's destroyed and has given up on life again - having any positive lessons. So, watch out!

Have you had time to read any of the books that Sawyer reads?

Josh: No, actually, strangely enough. And I want to! 'Cause I love Watership Down, which I've seen the cartoon, of course, when I was young, and I was very impressed with that. So I figured, "Hey! I've seen the cartoon, don't need to read the book!" No, I'm kidding. But I read constantly, and I meant to do that - I meant to read these things. And yeah, I've read parts of them because I'm actually reading when I'm reading.

It just feels like it's almost like a course that they're laying out. But who has time to actually take the course?

Josh: It is! Right, exactly. But yeah, I read constantly so...I just haven't read those.

Source: Full Interview @ Fan Bolt

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