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LOST Director Jack Bender Discusses Season 6

Hey All,
There is a great new article about the Production of LOST in Hawaii and about how it will effect the islands once production ends and how great it was to have LOST there.

LOST Director Jack Bender was interviewed and talked a bit about Season 6. Nothing major new but here is his portion of the article:

Filming began Aug. 24, and the final season — 18 hours of programming — will run from January to May.

"I think it will be a thrilling, satisfying season that is not going to be without controversy," he said. "Life is messy. Our ending, although there will be answers, every bow may not be tied up. But there will be enough answers to the bigger questions."

Bringing the series to a finale is a bittersweet assignment for the cast and crew, said Bender, who joined "Lost" after the pilot was finished.

"The local crew has become family," he said. "I really adore these guys, and I am hopeful that I will be back with a show in the future. I hope there will be another show that comes in that lasts as long and is a wonderful experience."

The show — and working in Hawai'i — changed those who were involved, especially Bender, who said living in the Islands agrees with him.

"None of us will be the same after 'Lost,' " said Bender, who lives in L.A., where his wife is a rabbi, but spends much of the year working in Hawai'i. "I've learned so many things being executive producer. I am a better person than I was when I started."

Source: Honolulu Advertiser