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Cuse Says LOST Will Take a Break for Winter Olympics!?

Well another Season of LOST is nearing and once again we were promised a season with no interruptions, but it seems like we will be given a break early in the season because of the Winter Olympics.

I know most of you are not too happy to read this but I had a feeling this would happen.

Where did this info come from!? Straight from LOST writer Carlton Cuse who visited Harvard this past week and here is a statement from the Art Blog at Harvard:

Mr. Cuse graciously explained that the show would begin again in January then stop for the Olympics and then start back again in February.

The Olympics start Feb 12th 2010 and end Feb 28th, so expect at least a TWO WEEK break. Problem is they pretty much have no choice because if they do not take a break the ratings for those couple of episodes could take a big hit.

Please do not get too upset yet, because we have no official confirmation from ABC yet and we will definitely check with our sources and let you know anything we hear.