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Damon Lindelof Article on Season 6 Promotion and Lost University

Thanks to Kevin for the heads up on this article from Damon.

Damon Lindelof Article on Season 6 Promotion and Lost University

Nrama: Are you in the home stretch of Lost right now?

Lindelof: It doesn't quite feel like the home...in the grand scheme of things, we have nine more episodes to write, having written a hundred and, you know, ten episodes at this point, it's relatively the home stretch, but it feels like we're in the weeds as they say in the TV business.

Nrama: Is it true that they're not going to show any previews before the season starts?
Lindelof: That is the marketing strategy that we are trying to impose upon our masters. Well, I can't unequivocally say that we'll be able to hold the embargo up until the actual premiere, but it's pretty cool that we're not showing anything as late as November, so we'll see...I think once the show starts, once we're back on, then we'll start showing people what we're up to, but I think even a single scene from the show would tip what it is we're doing this year. What it is we're doing this year is different from what we've done in other years.

Nrama: You've said you're done with time travel. The whole season of Lost and Star Trek, you're done with time travel.

Lindelof: I was just being cranky. [laughs] No, between Trek and Lost, you know, the amount of times that I said, 'paradox' in a given day was way more than anybody should ever say, 'paradox' in a given day. So I think that, Lost wouldn't be Lost if the idea of time travel, and by that I mean, the show jumps around in time, it's non-linear story telling, you kind of have to do flashes of light and dropping into World War II...that stuff we did in season five, and it was a lot of fun. And thank god we got out without causing any major paradoxes.

One of the great things about the last season of the show is that a lot of the writers are beginning to feel the way that we felt in season one. The idea of we're kind of returning to the same kind of storytelling that kind of put us on the map in the first place, and resolving some of these mysteries that people have been...this has got to be a record for how much patience people have. But the idea that we're trying to answer some of these questions, you know, create this incredible nostalgia, especially when you're doing it through the characters. And the actors who were there in the very beginning. So it's pretty cool. Theoretically.

Nrama: You talked about resolving Lost mysteries. Will one or two remain unresolved for people to debate ever after?

Lindelof: I think that there are some Lost mysteries that we're not even aware are mysteries. That's the thing. People ask us questions and I'm like, 'What are you talking about?' Like, 'Are we ever going to find out who murdered Scott?' And I was like, 'Ethan murdered him.' And they're like, 'Well, but did he?' I'm like, 'Yes! Yes he did!' So for the mysteries that we acknowledge as mysteries, they will be answered. But then there are mysteries that should never be solved. Then there are things like the midichlorian issue, which is essentially, was anyone really saying, 'How does the Force work?' You know? We just sort of accepted that it works. So I think that there are some mysteries like, 'Why is the island and island?' that aren't mysteries to me, because that's what it is.

Nrama: Now I've been told to ask you about something on the Season 5 Blu-ray called, “Lost University”.
Lindelof: Our guys have cooked up, I think, a really cool course. There are certain areas, like Physics, where you can really educate yourself looking at the show and prepare yourself for what's to come. We've always looked at Lost as a potentially collegiate experience, which is to say, if you want to get your masters degree backwards and forwards...but you can just sort of like, cruise through and get your B.A. And I think people are now starting their own fraternities and sororities in Lost U but once you get the DVD and go online and you sign up for some courses, hopefully the show will make a little more sense than it does now. We acknowledge that it's not the easiest thing to watch in the world.

Nrama: So there will be some hints about the next season in there?
Lindelof: In “Lost University”? Hints...I think there will be sort of a, 'You might want to go back and review this.' It's sort of like when a teacher tells you, 'There might be a pop quiz tomorrow, and if there is, you might want to read chapters nine, ten and twelve.' It's going to be that kind of experience, I hope.

Source: Full Interview at Newsarama